PSA enjoys successful personalized insert launch

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Back in April, PSA introduced a service to provide custom-made encapsulation inserts for personally designed trading cards.

“We’ve had cards submitted of Little League players, high school and college athletes and weekend athletes who want to have a splendid memento of their achievements,” said PSA President Joe Orlando. “We’ve also had grandparents sending in specially made cards to be encapsulated as a keepsake gift for a loved one.”

“Not all the cards have sports themes. We’ve encapsulated personalized cards celebrating weddings, birthdays and graduations. It’s certainly been an interesting response.”

Not everyone has their own trading card, of course, and some are creating their own online at

For those who’d rather encapsulate a special photograph, PSA can also encapsulate various sizes to help protect and preserve them.

For additional information about PSA personalized trading card encapsulation, call PSA Customer Service at (800) 325-1121. Or visit online at the recently redesigned PSA website,, and click SERVICES on the navigation bar.


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