New and improved Press Pass Showcase series returns

The release of Press Pass Showcase NASCAR turned out to be one of the most popular debuts in the trading card industry last year. The super-premium, hobby-exclusive Press Pass Showcase will be back in 2010 and better than ever. Once again, every pack will contain either an autograph or race-used memorabilia card from one of the world’s top drivers. The autograph and memorabilia line-up consists of a variety of low-numbered rare cards that are exclusively available in Press Pass Showcase, including multi-signed autograph cards and oversized autographed memorabilia cards.

Included will be Danica Patrick’s first autographed memorabilia card, which will be a short print in the base set. 
The autograph programs have been bolstered in Showcase with the addition of a special Racing’s Finest insert and new driver combinations on the Classic Collections multi-driver signed cards (e.g., Most Wins, Fan Favorites). Racing’s Finest will feature not only the most elite in the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series but also a small group of legends representing various racing series (e.g., NHRA’s John Force, Indy’s Mario Andretti, and “The King” of NASCAR, Richard Petty). Also new for 2010, the Classic Collections Ink, Racing’s Finest, and Elite Exhibit Ink autograph cards will all be printed on clear plastic for an eye-catching, upscale look.

“With Danica’s first autographed memorabilia cards, unique multi-signed cards, and the addition of a few select racing legends from outside the world of NASCAR, collectors will see Press Pass Showcase taken to new heights,” explained Tom Farrell, VP of Brand Management for Press Pass Inc.

Every Showcase base, autograph and memorabilia card will be sequentially numbered with multiple levels to collect. Each three-pack box will deliver a minimum of one autograph and two race-used memorabilia cards. Collectors will also find randomly inserted redemption cards for authentic driver memorabilia including race-used spoilers, driver-worn sunglasses and more. Product release date is slated for July 28.

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