PSA Set Registry Now Sends Users to Similar Cards for Sale

It is now easier than ever to find sports and non-sports cards you need to complete your collections in the popular PSA Set Registry.

A new feature, called PSA Shop Button, lets you conveniently find nearly every card offered online, including those that will either upgrade or fill a hole in your set.

“Collecting is competitive, especially on the Set Registry, and a lack of time to properly search for cards for your sets can be a serious disadvantage. The PSA Shop Button is here to solve the ‘time’ problem by simultaneously searching nearly all available auction and ecommerce listings for the cards you need,” explained Joe Orlando, president of PSA.

PSA Shop Button illustration“Directly from the interface of the PSA Set Registry, this new service explores major e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon and Collectors Corner, as well as top auction sites and even smaller e-commerce hobby sites, to return the right PSA-graded trading cards back to you,” Orlando added.

“The PSA Shop Button is an incredible search tool,” said PSA Set Registry Director BJ Searls, “because it not only allows Set Registry users to easily find trading cards directly from the “My Set” page, but it also provides a number of ways to filter results.”

Search results returned by the PSA Shop Button can be narrowed by any of these parameters:

  • Search all listings, auction only, or “buy it now” only
  • Filter by a particular seller
  • Search by a minimum and maximum grade
  • Search by a minimum and maximum price

An additional time-saving feature of the PSA Shop Button tool is the ability to add items to a “Watch List” to quickly access saved results over multiple sessions.

The Shop feature is a free service available to all members of the PSA Set Registry. To start your free Set Registry account, and access the Shop feature, visit

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