Rare Graziano Card Surfaces – Graded PSA 6.5!

Legendary Auctions is proud to be able to announce a historic hobby "find."

Until recently, only six verified examples of the elusive 1948 Leaf Boxing No. 50 Rocky Graziano card were known to exist, with the highest-graded copy being a PSA 5 specimen. Two weeks ago, we received a call from a family in the Northeast who, after going through their holdings, believed that they had unearthed a new Graziano example. Admittedly, at first, we thought the prospect was unlikely.

But then, a box of approximately fifty Leaf Boxing cards arrived — including an incredibly well-preserved example of this important card. The most amazing thing is that this well-centered, colorful piece – bearing only a hint of corner wear – is now graded a lofty PSA 6.5. This is a full grade-and-a-half higher than what was previously the highest-graded example. Legendary Auctions is pleased to be able to bring this new hobby rarity to the market.

Looks for this card in Legendary’s May auction.

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