SCD artists have been indispensable …

RuthOnBats.jpg   I noticed the other day that Arthur K. Miller, one of a handful of extraordinary artists who have graced the pages of SCD over the 15-plus years that I have been here, has donated some more pieces of his original art to the Hall of Fame.

   Reading the press release gives me an opportunity to once again note that I have a rather substantial debt owed to all of the artists who have allowed their work to be used in our magazine over the years. The reliance on artwork rather than photography for so many of the covers was not a uniformly applauded strategy under all regimes here, but I am confident that over the long haul it has helped make it a better magazine than it might have otherwise been.
   My debt to Miller and several other great artists has increased rather dramatically with the planned May release of the book on Yankee Stadium that I authored. The book boasts equal parts of stunning artwork from the likes of Miller, Ron Stark, Andy Jurinko, Charles DeSimone, Michael Schacht and James Fiorentino, among others, and wonderful photography of cards and memorabilia.
   For the latter, I am going to have to provide a particular nod to famed photographer David Spindel, who made so many photographs of his own Yankees memorabilia available to me, along with some of his spectacular collages that have been a hobby staple for more than 20 years. I’ll have more on Spindel in future blogs, including an update on more-recent endeavors from this 21st-century renaissance man.

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11 thoughts on “SCD artists have been indispensable …

  1. from the website of autographalert:

    SCD “Sports Collectors Digest”
    Where Have You Gone?

    The April 10th issue of SCD has been published and it does not come as a surprise to many that this magazine has been reduced to a mere 38 pages. That includes the two covers which counts for 8 pages.

    This collapse was predicted years ago and SCD management was advised how to correct their obvious problems. Recommendations from seasoned hobbyists were basically ignored.

    Just a few years ago it took an entire afternoon to read the publication which can now be read in minutes. Of the 38 pages, 27 are advertisements and that is with the disappearance of many of the advertisers (which was also very predictable). The Vendor’s Stand is down to an embarrassing three-quarter’s of a page.

    One thing hasn’t changed and that is the $4.99 Cover Price or $6.99 in Canada.

    Emails to Dean Listle, Publisher, requesting the number of paid SCD subscriber’s remain unanswered.


    I wrote to autograph alert and stated:

    Good job on your latest entry,

    however, I feel my submission last week could have had a greater impact.

    i believe while your story was good, it missed its mark.

    if you browse over to SCD’s web site you will see an eruption of comments under TS O’Connell’s articles. The comments complain about coaches corner and SCD.

    you will see dozens of entries as readership continues to revolt and turn away (That’s the real story).

    finally, one member, tired of his comments being deleted and tired of being ignored went on to youtube to share is story of scd of coaches corner. I sent you the link last week.

    please do a story on this,

    Just thought all the readers would like to know.

  2. brett 75 on said:

    Mike, you need to find something else to do with your time than come here & polute these blogs with this garbage! You have no proof of anything!!! Brett

  3. Roger T on said:

    Folks, I know who this "Brett 75" is. He works for Coaches Corner.

  4. brett 75 on said:

    Lock me up when the FBI visits? You two clowns, I don’t work for CCSA!!! I am a manager at a very well know company in Atlanta. I make over 120k a year I am a collector like most of everyone here. Again get you facts straight morons!!! Brett

  5. Jim Gosger on said:

    Yeah Surrrreeeeeeeeee.

  6. Steve M on said:

    Wow! That is a great picture of the Babe! I had the misfortune of getting the newest piece of garbage statue in the mail from SCD Hartland.
    How about next year we get a picture like this with our subscription? I would enjoy adding this type of product to my collection. I get tired of tossing in the trash Hot Dog vendors,umps and now a kids pitcher with no attention to detail.

    Just a thought TS

  7. brett 75 on said:

    Steve, you are lucky to recieve any free gift that SCD sends. You didn’t pay for it and it was a good hearted gesture!! You people never stop crying!! Brett

  8. on said:

    Brett, you think you are so smart because you make 120,000? Here on long island you could not afford a house with that salary. i spend more in a year with the major auction houses than you make in a year. Your tax dollars? according to Obama you are not a high earner! talk to me when you get to $1,000,000 per year and have active accounts at the majour auction houses. maybe you buy from cc out of necessity based upon your limited income? by the way, what major leage team did you play for?

  9. brett 75 on said:

    Did not write these comments either, Brett

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