Sheryl Swoopes Personal Items Sold from Storage Unit

The personal contents of WNBA basketball star Sheryl Swoopes were sold when the contents of a Texas storage unit were made available by the owner of the storage company when charges went unpaid, something owners legally have a right to do.
According to the Amarillo Globe-News, a retired oil field worker bought the contents of the storage unit at an auction sale.

Swoopes rented the unit in 1995 after marrying Eric Jackson. The couple divorced in 1999. Contents included personal items and sports memorabilia, including wedding toast glasses, Texas Tech diploma, 1993 Kodak’s Women’s All-American Trophy, box of “Air Swoopes” Nike sneakers, 1996 U.S. Olympic team towel and old jerseys and uniforms.

The new owner of Swoopes’ personal items, who sells goods at flea markets to make ends meet, said he will sell most of the items on eBay, with a few items left over for local flea markets. “Ms. Swoopes hopes that the monies derived from sales on eBay will be put to use in servicing the goodwill and interests of the Lubbock community,” said Kim Blackwell, Swoopes’ agent, in a statement.

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