Somebody please splain to me about T206 Wagner reprint …


I saw a thread on the Collectors Universe Baseball Card and Memorabilia Forum the other day that I just couldn’t figure out, so I am hereby asking for help.

  I’ve tried to put the link here, but I’ll also quote the pertinent part of the description just in case the process doesn’t work (Imagine that, a blogger who is inherently distrustful of all things that involve meandering around in cyberspace).
   Anyway, the auction listing, which closed on Super Sunday, says that the card sold for $650. And it also clearly, almost unequivocally, states that it is a reprint. The text is below in italics:

   T206 Honus Wagner card, in fair condition. This card is a reprint, but it is such a good one, I can not tell the difference when compared to a known authentic T206 card, as I dabble a little in these cards. It is an exact replica of an authentic card, same size, card stock, markings, detail, everything. Actually, I don’t “know” it is a reprint; I got it at a flea market (no, really, I did!), but it is a Honus Wagner, and I’m not that lucky. The scans shown are the actual card you will receive. Bid accordingly, as this card is believed to be a reprint, just a really, really good one.

   Huh? Obviously, here’s where I need a little help. The auction listing says “no returns accepted,” and I guess that falls under caveat emptor, but why would somebody pay $650 for a reprint? Even a “really, really good one,” a pronouncement that makes me chuckle no end.

   I must be missing something here. Any help?

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7 thoughts on “Somebody please splain to me about T206 Wagner reprint …

  1. There are some really dumb people out there. That card is not even a good looking reprint. It clearly looks fake. I would be willing to bet that all the questions from potential bidders at the bottom of the auction are fake too. All done to convince some schmuck that maybe this thing is real!

    There is a fool born every minute.

  2. It is really sad to see this kind of thing continuing. This is one person’s attempt to at least put the thought in some shmucks head that there is at least the possibility that the card may be the real deal.Sorry pal. By the way, I have an Eddie Plank that I found while in Egypt exploring the pyramids. It was just sitting on the ground of King Rootin Tootin’s tomb. You can have it for 3 bucks. Great site by the way!!! Tom

  3. brett 75 on said:

    My Wagner reprint is in twice as nice condition as that one .Must be worth at least $1200.00 LOL!!! A fool and his money are soon parted. Didn’t know old King tootin was a collector, No Doyle or Magie? Brett

  4. AdamE on said:

    It is basicly a lottery ticket. If it turns out it is the real thin than it was money well spent. If it was a fake than the seller covered his but by advertising it as a fake.


    I read somewhere long ago that a reprint set was produced in the 30s off of the original printing plates. The only way to tell the differance between one of the 30s reprints and an original is the paper composition. The few I’ve seen on ebay over the years go for pretty large amounts of money; not nearly as high as the real thing but still really high for a reprint. If the card in question is actually one of the 1930s reprints it should have went for more than $650.

  5. brett 75 on said:

    Interesting I had never heard of a reprint from the 1930’s . Any way you can remember the source of the info ? I really love baseball card history and would be interested in learning more about a card that famous . Anyone else out there in cyberspace recall seeing an article or hearing about a 1930’s reprint of the Wagner. More info please…. Brett75

  6. Howard Chasser on said:

    " A sucker born every minute" and two to take him. Related – did anyone see the 1968 3-d Clemente reprint auction? I deleted the link, but do a completed item search on ebay for the past few weeks and you could probably find it. Clearly sold as and stated as a reprint – sold for a couple hundred bucks????????? Blows me away that there are really people that naive, greedy, or stupid! The sellers of these cards are really a thorn in the side of our hobby.


  7. cardmonster on said:

    The $650 was the seller’s reserve price; the bidding history indicates that high bidder was essentially bidding against himself with possible help of a shill bidder or two.

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