Sports Auction Database opens doors to public

database3.jpgA new resource is available to sports memorabilia collectors that has never been offered before.

Collectors now have one place to view results from all the major sports auction houses in the U.S.

However, the SCD Auctions Database (which goes live on Sept. 28) offers so much more. Collectors can check actual selling prices for memorabilia associated with all four major sports, plus golf, racing, boxing, celebrity, presidential and Olympic memorabilia from 35 auction houses.

There are 50 main categories in which to search, ranging from autographed cards and pennants to game-used helmets to trophies. So a collector who is looking for the selling price for a game-used Joe Namath jersey can also find prices realized for a Cap Anson signed letter.

"This is a valuable resource for virtually every level of buyer, seller and collector to use," said Steve Bloedow, the project manager for SCD Auctions Database. "Buyers can look through past results to predict what they can expect to pay for virtually any item. Sellers can learn what to expect if they sell their item by looking at past results for similar items."

SCD AUCTIONS.COM 4C BUTTON.jpgThis database is free to anyone by logging onto, and you won’t find a more complete list anywhere else. Prices realized cover auctions from January 2006 to the present. Each item listed includes the item’s title, description, auction house, date sold and price with buyer’s premium. As of press time, there are nearly 100,000 items in the database.

Collectors can search for items by person, price, item, auction, date, price, sport or through a manual search.

"Collectors can put a value on the items in their collections by browsing for similar items," Bloedow said. "You can pinpoint the auction house, date and price realized for every item, so it takes much of the guesswork out of the process."

The database will be updated constantly as auctions close. New sale prices will be reflected within a week of a closed sale.

To see the true value of the SCD Auction Database, visit and start searching for yourself.

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