Sports Collecting Radio hits airwaves today

Sports card and memorabilia buffs have always found plenty to read about in SCD and Tuff Stuff magazines. Now, visitors to the magazine’s websites will also find plenty to listen to.

Today marks the debut of Sports Collecting Radio, a 24-hour Internet radio channel dedicated exclusively to sports cards and memorabilia. The station will offer new broadcasts each week with the latest hobby news, commentary, interviews with a wide range of industry figures and athletes, discussions of market trends, round-table interviews and news about upcoming shows and events. You’ll be able to hear input from card company executives, auction house officials, card analysts, authenticators, graders, current and former ballplayers – anybody and everybody connected to the sports card and memorabilia hobby.

Visitors to the radio site will be able to listen to 24-hour streaming programming, or select from a list of archived programming and video interviews that will be available for easy downloading. Live programming will kick off at 1 p.m. EST Feb. 15 with the debut of "Card Chat." The show will be hosted by Scott Kelnhofer, editor of Tuff Stuff and Card Trade magazines.

"Collectors are always looking for insight into the hobby, and Sports Collecting Radio is one more way to provide that insight," Kelnhofer said.

"We’ll cover a variety of topics each week, and allow hobbyists to hear directly from the people who are making things happen in the industry."

Visitors to  and will be able to easily access the new station from the site. Simply click on the Sports Collecting Radio link.

"We feel it’s one of our opportunities to outreach to new collectors who are on the Internet but aren’t necessarily familiar with some of the shows and publications out there," said Dean Listle, publisher of F&W Publications’ Sports Magazine Division.

"This industry is filled with a wealth of knowledge and a lot of neat personal stories and collecting tips that are now made available to collectors that we didn’t reach in the past."

Sports Collecting Radio
makes it easier than ever to keep up with the sports collectibles hobby. It’s new, it’s cutting edge and it’s free!

New shows will debut every Wednesday at 1 pm Eastern. Previous shows can be accessed by clicking on the Archive folder on the show’s player window via Pocasts.

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