Steiner Sports Employee Busted for Stealing from the Company

Ramon Smart, a 29 year old from the Bronx, N.Y., was arrested the morning of Sept. 25 for stealing almost $15,000 worth of checks and gift cards from his employer, renowned memorabilia house Steiner Sports.

Smart is accused of twice placing in excess of $4,500 into his wife’s checking account from Steiner Sports and using another $5,300 in Steiner gift cards for his own use between April and July.

Smart has been charged with third-degree grand larceny as the investigation continues.

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3 thoughts on “Steiner Sports Employee Busted for Stealing from the Company

  1. Bruce Paynter on said:

    I think the reporter meant to write “renowned” rather than “reknown.”

  2. Tom Bartsch on said:

    Indeed, and now fixed.

  3. Jessica on said:

    Ha omg that is crazy I personally know the guy and its not his 1st time being charged with GRAND LARNACY . A company like Steiner should have done a better background check on its employees .

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