First Visits to the Ballpark are Always Remembered

For my first visit, I went to County Stadium with my uncle, who probably had season tickets at the time. The weather was lousy, cold and drizzly, yet none of that bothered me. Of course, that was mostly due to being seated in the “heated” mezzanine section, complete with a roof over my head. I distinctly remember the source of the warmth was a strand of wire which emitted heat. The primitive method worked for me – I was comfortable. Read More

Travel Back in Time to Boston’s South End Grounds

Visiting the actual South End Grounds is no longer possible, but the Baseball Hall of Fame has the next best thing. Tom Shieber of the Baseball HOF has re-created the stadium in an interactive exhibit after years of scouring documents and poring over old newspaper articles. The results are a long-gone ballpark brought back to life. Read More