Next Media Spotlight: The T206 ‘Jumbo’ Wagner

Goldin Auctions kicked off its sale the last week of February, with big bids placed immediately. The headliner, a T206 Honus Wagner PSA 5(MC) is nearly at $1 million already and Ken Goldin feels that when the closing date of April 5 hits, $3 million isn’t out of the question. And there’s plenty more in the auction beyond the Wagner. Read More

Stan the Man and Me

For one San Musial fan, the connection top Stan Musial goes back to 1961 and the experience of a lifetime – serving as the bat boy for the St. Louis Cardinals for an entire week. Read More

Super-Senior Players Still Got Game?

In this fantasy world, we look at the oldest living former major leaguers and compile a National League All-Star squad. Some of the names you’ll definitely know, and others you might want to further check on. Oh, and the players must have appeared on a baseball card to be included. Read More