The passes, catches and runs that still resonate

Many times we don’t remember who won a game a few years later, but we remember the big plays that occurred in the game’s 60 minutes.
Remember Joe Montana’s pass to John Taylor? How about John Elway’s helicopter flip? Those are the images that are burned into our memories
Following are some of the Super Bowl games we will always remember, from kick returns to amazing catches.

10. Willie Brown’s interception
The second-longest interception return in Super Bowl history occurred when Brown sprinted 75 yards for a memorable touchdown to clinch the Raiders’ win over the Vikings in Super Bowl XI.

9. John Elway’s first-down flip
This play didn’t involve a touchdown in Super Bowl XXXII, but it might have turned the momentum to the Broncos. Running for a possible first down, Elway was hit in the air and helicoptered to the ground. He secured a first down, and Denver went on to secure it’s first Super Bowl triumph.

8. John Riggins’ run
There’s nothing like going for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter in the Super Bowl. Riggins’ 43-yard romp for a TD on a play called “70 Chip” in Super Bowl XVII broke the Dolphins’ backs.

7. Lynn Swann’s ballet
Some call Swann’s 53-yard high-jump/acrobatic grab in Super Bowl X the best catch in Super Bowl history. Whatever you want to call it, it was a great play in a career of clutch plays for the dominating Steelers.

6. Marcus Allen’s moment
No play cemented Allen’s MVP award more than his 74-yard trek in Super Bowl XVIII. Allen finished 191 yards, but his highlight reel run sealed a victory against the Redskins.

5. Max McGee’s hangover catch
The story behind McGee’s 37-yard touchdown catch in Super Bowl I (the first in Super Bowl history) is well documented. He stayed out on the town until the morning of the game, thinking he wouldn’t play. But Boyd Dowler got hurt, and McGee came off the bench to score two TDs — one on a spectacular one-handed grab.

4. Mike Jones’ saving tackle
The image is still embedded in the minds of Titans fans from Super Bowl XXXIV — Kevin Dyson lying on the field, holding the ball one-yard short of the goal-line as the Rams celebrate. No one has made a bigger tackle in Super Bowl history.

3. Joe Montana to John Taylor
Trailing 16-13 with 3:10 left in Super Bowl XXIII and starting from their own 8-yard line, things were looking bleak for the 49ers. A little over two minutes later, Taylor was on the receiving end of the game-winning 10-yard TD pass that is still painful for Bengals fans to watch.

2. Desmond Howard’s dagger
Howard’s memorable 99-yard kickoff return late in the third quarter of Super Box XXXI gave the Packers all the breathing room they needed to hold off New England. And, yes, Howard did his Heisman pose one last time.

1. “The Fridge” chills  the Pats
A mammoth defensive tackle at the time, Perry was sometimes inserted as a running back for the Bears in goal-line situations, and his one-yard tumble into the end zone is forever etched in Super Bowl lore. Coach Mike Ditka says he still regrets that Walter Payton didn’t get the opportunity to score in that Super Bowl, but the Fridge made sure everybody remembered his only Super Bowl appearance.

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