Three Guilty Pleas in Game-Used Jersey Fraud Case

Approximately three weeks ago, SCD reported that six men were charged with fraud involving supposed game-used jerseys sold to collectors and trading card manufacturers. On Monday, three of those men entered guilty pleas to separate but related fraud schemes involving counterfeit game-used jerseys.

Those three are:
BERNARD GERNAY, a resident of New Jersey, involved in the business operations of Pro Sports Investments, Inc., a New Jersey business;

BRADLEY HORNE, a South Carolina resident, involved in the business operations of Authentic Sports Memorabilia, Inc., a South Carolina business;

JARROD OLDRIDGE, a resident of Nevada, involved in business operations of JO Sports, Inc., a Nevada business.

All three are charged with altering jerseys to appear to be game-used and/or using other jerseys and switching nameplates and making alterations to make it appear the jersey of a more well-known player.

Sentencing for all three defendants has been scheduled for May 4, 2012.

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  1. Jamie Schultz on said:

    I noticed that these 3 guys were to be sentnced on May 4, 2012. I was wondering what each got for a sentnde of jail time for their crime. Hope to hea back from you soon.


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