Topps’ Allen & Ginter 2012 to Feature all MLB Greats

For vintage card buffs, it’s one of the new product they look forward to every year for its vintage style, nod to the original and all the little quirks Topps throws into it. Yes, details for the 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter product have arrived.

For the first time in the set’s history, Allen “7 Ginter will include all of the stars in Major League Baseball’s history as well as champions from across the sports landscape.For example, there will be autographed cards from Arnold Palmer, Roger Federer, Bob Knight and Ken Griffey Jr. Each box will feature three hits.

Base cards
The base set will include 350 veterans, rookies, retired stars, public figures, and non-baseball champions.  The last 50 card numbers are short-printed and inserted 1:2 packs.

Mini cards
A favorite of the Allen & Ginter set are the mini cards, parallel versions of the base set. This year’s minis will also include cards with a new Allen & Ginter logo back, numerous parallel, 1-of-1s made of wood, printing plates and cloth cards.

There will also be DNA relic cards that feature 10 framed mini cards including a strand of
hair from a historical figure. Other relics include book cards and Lepidoptery Cards: An exciting, never-before-seen type of card! These hand-crafted cards will  each feature a full, pressed butterfly in an exquisite window-box-style card. These cards will be
inserted into packs as redemptions and numbered.

Rip cards will be a big feature, focusing on 100 players. If you choose to rip, you can find 1-of-1 original paintings, on-card autographs, exclusives and 25 redemption cards good for a signed jersey or bat.

Other inserts will look at baseball’s highlights over time, some of the world’s tallest buildings and something never seen before – Colony In A Card: the first trading cards to feature living creatures!  This groundbreaking card can be busted open and, when combined with water, will sprout a living, breathing colony to enjoy!

These will priced around $3 a pack and be available in July. Hobby shops looking to order this product must do so by Feb. 15. Those who would like the complete checklist, just e-mail HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Topps’ Allen & Ginter 2012 to Feature all MLB Greats

  1. Travis on said:

    they let tommy go for the new tommy hasnon who in a full season should be a key for success. I think the Vasquez trade was stupid, I guess they figure Hudson can be a factor. Hopefully Jones can stay healthy(I doubt it) McCann if healthy can be very very good. I hope Heyward is an instant success.

  2. Bertha on said:

    I have to agree with MikePH, you don’t know what you are tilkang about. The Braves don’t have a history of trading good players in their prime. They make big trades less than most teams and they have been great because they retain their best players.Sure players leave and some bad trades are made on occasion. It happens, and to the Braves less than most teams. Jesus look how long they kept the core of that 90s team together; they just got older and fell away, now it’s time for a new team.

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