Topps’ Big League Minis Have Variations, Too

For those of you who have decided to start collecting/buying the Big League Minis from Topps, the company announced that every one of the 28 players featured also has a variation figure.

miggyTopps provided the variation list, which can be found below::

Albert Pujols (red jersey)
Yu Darvish (red hat)
Bryce Harper (home uniform)
Pablo Sandoval (panda)
David Ortiz (red jersey)
Derek Jeter (navy jersey)
Ryan Braun (blue Jersey)
Prince Fielder (road uniform)
David Wright (blue jersey)
Dustin Pedroia  (red jersey)
Buster Posey (black jersey)
Roy Halladay (red jersey)
Ichiro (navy jersey)
Brian Wilson (black jersey)
Jose Reyes (blue Jersey)
Evan Longoria (road uniform)
Mariano Rivera (navy jersey)
Ryan Howard (red jersey)
Adrian Gonzalez (blue jersey)
Stephen Strasburg (road uniform)
Matt Kemp (road uniform)
Miguel Carbrera (triple crown – image above)
Joey Votto (red jersey)
Andrew McCutchen (yellow jersey)
Justin Verlander (road uniform)
Mike Trout (red jersey)
Joe Mauer (blue jersey)
Robinson Cano

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