Topps Bowman Countdown Day 2: Blue Wave Refractors!

The first collectors to send in 24 hobby or 7 HTA wrappers of Topps Bowman Baseball (May 9 release) will receive a free five-card pack of exclusive Blue Wave Refractor Parallel cards.

Bonus autographed cards featuring hot prospects such as Josh Bell, Dante Bichette, Jr., Gerrit Cole, Matt Purke and many more have been randomly inserted into these packs.

There are only 10,000 of these exclusive packs. Once Topps receives wrappers for 10,000 packs, they will no longer fulfill.  For real time updates, follow Topps on facebook and twitter @toppscards, b.

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One thought on “Topps Bowman Countdown Day 2: Blue Wave Refractors!

  1. Marilyn Nutt on said:

    could you please let me know if you still have the exclusive packs left for the wrapper redemption

    Thank you

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