Topps BUNT App Adding Spring Training Highlights

Topps BUNT, the exclusive trading card app of Major League Baseball, has been releasing Spring Training cards since pitchers and catchers reported in late February.

Topps BUNT has been releasing the following sets:

Topps Spring_HarveyTopps Spring Postmark
When something unique, new, interesting or fun happens during Spring Training, Topps have the imagery to make that into a digital baseball card. When Cal Ripken Jr. threw out a first pitch at an Oriole’s game, when Matt Harvey made his debut from Tommy John surgery or when Al Kaline and Alan Trammel were just candidly chatting at the batting cage, Topps turns those moments into cards. This is an ongoing set that will run throughout the duration of Spring Training.

Topps Gearing Up_TroutTopps Gearing Up
As you’re “gearing up” for the baseball season to start, Collectors can enjoy a 30-day ride with BUNT and see special Arizona and Florida themed cards from star players of each team.

Topps Spring Fever
Just like the physical set from Topps Baseball Series 1, Topps has adapted the same set for the BUNT app.

“Our production staff has been hard at work to offer cards in BUNT that reflect what’s happening everyday during Spring Training,” said Chris R. Vaccaro, editor-in-chief, Topps Digital. “It’s very important for us to stay topical and editorially sound, while providing a fun offseason experience for our fans. This is one of the most exciting times of the year for all baseball fans and we hope that’s reflected in Topps BUNT as we gear up for Opening Day.”

Topps BUNT is the exclusive trading card app of Major League Baseball. It’s available for both iOs and Android devices. The app combines the nostalgia of card collecting with the competitive spirit of fantasy sports. BUNT is part of a portfolio of apps in the Topps family, which also include Topps HUDDLE and Topps KICK.

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