Topps Debuts Two New Baseball Apps

Since popularizing the modern American baseball card in 1951, Topps has created ways for sports fans to connect with the teams, players, and moments they love. Now, more than 60 years after its first set of Topps Baseball cards, Topps brings that mission to a new platform, beyond cardboard, with the release of two iOS applications, Topps Pennant and Topps BUNT.

Topps Pennant is the modern box score. The application, available on the iPhone and iPad, recreates more than 60 years of baseball. Every team, every season, every game, and every play from last night’s games back to 1952 are featured. Baseball fans can check out the box scores and play-by-play from games in the 2012 MLB season as well as relive their favorite baseball memories from the past. That’s more than 115,000 games and counting brought back to life in infographics.

Topps BUNT is like fantasy baseball, only simpler, more fun and easier to use. The application, available on the iPad, is an irreverent social game that acts as a companion to the baseball season. With Topps BUNT, casual fans can collect their favorite players, earn points based on how well their players perform and trade and compete with other groups of fans.

“At Topps, we’re putting the baseball fan first,” said Michael Bramlage, vice president of Digital at Topps. “The original Topps baseball cards of the ’50s and ’60s were all about connecting fans with their favorite teams and players, and getting them together to socialize, talk baseball and make trades. Topps Pennant and Topps BUNT are natural extensions of this legacy, bringing core elements of the Topps DNA to new baseball fans on new platforms, like the iPad and iPhone.”

Topps Pennant ($3.99 for a universal app that includes optimized versions for both iPhone and iPad) and Topps BUNT (free for iPad) are available in the Apple App Store.

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One thought on “Topps Debuts Two New Baseball Apps

  1. Daniel Loy on said:

    As a long time Topps Collector and Buyer of products I see this as something that is useless to me. I am a bit jaded thinking Etopps was an awesome program and product was dismantled and discontinued in part for this new technology that is nothing like hard card collecting. Stats and “fantasy” baseball are available in mass online. Topps let a program such as Etopps go down the drain in part because of bad management and lack of advertising. There was and still is a core of people that loved Etopps and its product. With the right direction this product could have been a money maker and flagship for Topps. I was charter Member(in 2001) who was excited to purchase cards online and keep them stored or delivered. Mr. Eisner.instead of paying Mr. Bramlage a ton of money to make apps for Topps,you should have looked right on your front doorstep at Etopps and seen what a lot of us already knew. With the right people and product, Etopps can make you more money than apps that most kids cant get without a credit card and that most grown ups already have access to internet stats and Fantasy baseball.

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