Topps Finest Baseball returns with a modern card design

Topps Finest Baseball returns to the scene June 6 with its 2018 version, featuring a modern card design, unique insert themes, and on-card chrome autographs.

In addition, the product will feature additional low-numbered parallels, and two new insert sets – Sitting Red and Finest Cornerstones. The Finest Cornerstones insert cards feature a design themed after the 1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cornerstones set.

There will also be an autograph variation for both new inserts.

The chase will be on for collectors looking for the 10-card Finest Careers Die-Cut set, which honors Cal Ripken Jr. and his career accomplishments. Each case will include two of these cards. Parallels include Gold Refractor and SuperFractor, in addition to low-numbered autograph variations.

The base set is slated to include the top veterans in the majors, as well as 2018 rookies.

On-card autographs will be inserted at a rate of two per master box of 2018 Finest. A new Orange Wave Refractor Autograph Parallel features cards sequentially numbered to 25.

The autograph inserts include: Finest Autographs, Finest Firsts Autographs, Finest Hour Autographs, and Finest Originals Autographs. The Finest Originals Autographs feature an assortment of Topps Finest buybacks with on-card autographs.

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