Topps Pro Debut Baseball Coming in May

Topps knows what collectors are looking – and paying for. They want the first cards or professional baseball players, produced before anyone of knew what they were capable of on the Major League ball field.

Topps, the exclusive national producer of cards for Minor League Baseball, is breaking out Pro Debut Baseball at the end of May featuring tomorrow’s stars. The set will have 220 base cards with 50 base card variations produced as shortprints.

Packs will hold eight cards, with each box holding two autographs and two relic cards. Autographs will be of “at least” 25 subjects – gold-bordered parallels numbered to 50 and red-bordered parallels and printing plates numbered to 1. Dual-autograph cards will include 10 different sequentially numbered combo cards.

Relic and insert cards include pieces of jerseys and bats, the logos from baseball caps and Minor League Baseball All-Stars.

Pro Debut is expected to ship the week of May 28.

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One thought on “Topps Pro Debut Baseball Coming in May

  1. sounds like another product for the rich and famous and out of 220 cards how many will make it big to justify the 100’s of dollars the box will cost

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