2 thoughts on “Topps Proof Series Sweepstakes winners

  1. James E Baurle on said:

    Thank you T.S. and Sports collectors digest for the Bob Feller ball. I love the game and appreciate getting another little piece of the game from a great player. Oh T.S. everyone destroys the pronouncement of my last name. LoL. It sounds just like Barley.

    Again Thanks to you all …

  2. Dear T.S. O’Connell and Sports Collector’s Digest,
    Thank you so much for the 1993 Topps Nolan Ryan card contract. It is wonderful and I was so suprised when I got your phone message. I’ve been a huge Ryan fan since the 1970’s and used to listen to the radio when he pitched (I’d even tape record some of the games if it looked like he was close to a no-hitter). I took my son to see Ryan pitch his last game in Anaheim Stadium when he was with the Texas Rangers. So this piece means a lot to me and I sure appreciate it. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Tim Pulcifer http://www.nowbatting19.com

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