Brady SB trophy leads Touchdown Treasures sale

Touchdown Treasures’ April 11 sale is underway, and owner Mike Hattley continues to make the same claim as he has in the past. He focuses on selling memorabilia that the average family can afford. Not to say his sale won’t be filled with quality material, but the majority of collectors’ wallets won’t be pushed to the limit either.

Bids can be placed on, and auction participants will have a crack at an array of football memorabilia, including a Tom Brady signed Super Bowl XXXVI replica trophy.

“You just don’t see those things around,” said Hattley about the Lombardi trophy. “When I bring those things to shows, they create quite the buzz – ‘Can I touch that?’ and ‘Is that the real trophy?’ Anybody that gets that, the conversation that showing it off will bring . . . it will definitely drop jaws.”
Another featured piece in the auction is a 1960s AFL Players Association ring, with a starting bid of $750.

“Once in a blue moon you see the NFL alumni rings, but the AFL examples are very rare,” said Hattley. “It’s got a wonderful ‘AFL’ logo on the side shank and has all the proper markings inside, including a sharp looking aqua-marine colored stone in it.”

Hattley is also enthused about a complete 1998 Ron Mix signature series platinum set that his auction house is offering.
“This is the first time I’ve see this particular set in a leather-bound, embossed cover,” said Hattley. “It must have been some kind of presentation piece that was given to one of the players or to a charity.”

For a complete list of items that will be offered, visit or check out their ad in the April 11 issue of SCD.

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