Week of April 11 Beat the Blogger Winner

Congratulations to Kenneth Cummings, who pick a few of the “upsets” in the NHL and NBA Playoffs over the weekend to correctly pick 10 of the 12 games correctly in the Beat the Blogger contest.

Kenneth wins an 8×10 signed photo for his efforts.

I will have the matchups for this coming weekend by mid-week or so as the playoff matchups are a little more clear for the weekend. 

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3 thoughts on “Week of April 11 Beat the Blogger Winner

  1. bob simmons on said:

    won from tuff stuff never got anything what a joke this is
    no one answers emails thanks for nothing

  2. Andrew Greb on said:

    Tuff Stuff/Sports Collectors Digest runs a very generous and honest competiton, and shall I also mention FREE. Thanks to Tom Bartsch for taking over this great game from Scott Fragale and there are definitely sports fans out there that appreciate what you guys do each and every week. Sorry you have to deal with the others as exemplified with the above comment.

    Thank you Tom and Sports Collectors Digest…keep up the good work!

  3. Tom Bartsch on said:

    Bob, I’d be happy to make ammends for the perceived transgression you mention. If you won and weren’t given the 8×10 photo, I’ll gladly send you one. All I need is your address.

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