Who Should Get In: 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Announced

The 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot has been released, and at first glance, there are no shoo-ins for the honor.

The first-time crowd is headlined by Bernie Williams, who doesn’t scream Hall of Famer. With a weak freshmen class, it provided an additional boost for candidates such as Jack Morris, Barry Larkin and even Jeff Bagwell. A player needs at least 75 percent of the votes to be elected, and the results will be announced Jan. 9.

Here’s the ballot:
Jeff Bagwell, 1B
Jeromy Burnitz, OF *
Vinny Castilla, 3B *
Juan Gonzalez, OF
Brian Jordan, OF *
Barry Larkin, SS
Javy Lopez, C *
Edgar Martinez, 3B/DH
Don Mattingly, 1B
Fred McGriff, 1B
Mark McGwire, 1B
Jack Morris, RHP
Bill Mueller, 3B *
Terry Mulholland, LHP*
Dale Murphy, OF
Phil Nevin, 3B/1B *
Rafael Palmeiro, 1B
Brad Radke, RHP *
Tim Raines, OF
Tim Salmon, OF *
Ruben Sierra, OF *
Lee Smith, RHP
Alan Trammell, SS
Larry Walker, OF
Bernie Williams, OF *
Tony Womack, 2B/SS *
Eric Young, 2B *
* — first year on ballot.

Who do you think will be elected, if any? Does Lee Smith get a shot as a pitched who i s third all-time in saves? Does the continued poor voting results for McGwire, Palmeiro and Gonzalez spell doom for Clemens and Bonds next year?

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6 thoughts on “Who Should Get In: 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Announced

  1. Joe on said:

    Larkin – Go Reds!
    Murphy and Bagwell. Morris next year.

  2. Dale on said:

    The question begs to be asked…has there been many years when no one was elected to the HOF? I am amazed, and almost offended at some of the names for consideration. As a baseball follower since the 50s, and visitor to Cooperstown, to consider some of these players is a slap in the face of All Stars from MLB’s golden years who haven’t been selected. Over half of these former players couldn’t carry a bat-bag for the likes of Rocky Colavito.

  3. steve emerick on said:

    CERTAINLY this list can whittled to 6 real candidates



    Smitty deserves to go in as does Bags and BlackJack.. I could make a case for all 6 but McGriff doesnt get any real love , Raines has the whole crime thing and Larkin well OK he can go to

    The real problem remains the veterans log jam as they consider Hodges and Santo One more time.

    Both need to be in there Somehow someway

  4. Dave on said:

    I think Lee Smith and Barry Larkin should beselected to the HOF. Also down the line one that is on the bubble nbut a great player would be Bernie Williams.

  5. rich. on said:

    All should get some serious consideration, Especially Murph and Donnie Baseball, @ of the most feared and respected hitters of their time. Lots of MVPs , Batting titles and Home Run Crowns between them, and maybe we do not hold the lost time to strikes and lockouts against these 2… OR the fact that injuries slowed them in an era of using PHDs to overcome injuries. Both are squeaky clean and earned their numbers the hard way. I would bet all the others on my list are also clean in that regard. Smith went from 3 inning saves to short saves as well and still retired as #1.. Most of these guys played on non contenders but that shouldn’t stop them.. Congrats to Santo!! And I agree about putting in Colavito and Hodges

  6. Patrick Uding on said:

    Those posting J. Morris as election material for 2012, just drop it and get real! With the Veterans Committee passing on J. Kaat there is no rational justification to usher in a lesser hurler (look it up). Likewise, why would anyone who is knowledgeable enough to recite the infield fly rule, mention McGriff on a plaque before M. McGwire? come on!
    Truth is B. Larkin will be the only inductee of the BBWAA – and a very deserved honor indeed. If the were true justice between the baselines T. Raines and J. Bagwell should join Larkin and Santo on the stage in July 2012. And while we’re at it let’s convene a special “who’s afraid of Kennesaw Mountain Landis” committee of writers and HOFers and finally pull Shoeless J. Jackson and Pete Rose out of the penalty box and into the Hall where their prolonged absence has been an embarassment to this great game. Amen , case closed.

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