World Football League Cards Series II Released – Focusing on 1975 Season

The quartet of World Football League (WFL) fans and collectors – Richie Franklin, Greg Allred, Willie OBurke and Bill Jones – are at it again, releasing Series II of their WFL cards, this time focusing on the 1975 season.

Card Samples Series 2The WFL Series 1 featured the inaugural season of the league, 1974.  The 70-card set in Series II picks off from Series I, starting with card No. 71. Each card will have full player statistics, feature a retro design and attract attention with rare photos the WFL set is known for. Series II is available for purchase for $75 at

Series 2 FrontsWEBThe following is the checklist for the set, presented as follows: card number, player, position and team.

71             Series II Title Card

72             Chris Hemmeter         Commissioner             World Football League

73             Art Cantrelle               RB                               Birmingham Vulcans

74             Paul Costa                   OT                               Birmingham Vulcans

75             John Matlock              OC                               Birmingham Vulcans

76             Gerard Williams          DB                              Birmingham Vulcans

77             Johnny Musso             RB                               Birmingham Vulcans

78             Matthew Reed             QB                              Birmingham Vulcans

79             Jere Brown                  LB                               Charlotte Hornets

80             Don Highsmith            RB                              Charlotte Hornets

81             Marty Huff                  LB                               Charlotte Hornets

82             Larry Shears                DB                              Charlotte Hornets

83             Tom Sherman              QB                              Charlotte Hornets

84             Ike Thomas                  DB                              Charlotte Hornets

85             Pete Beathard               QB                              Chicago Winds

86             John Gilliam                WR                              Chicago Winds

87             Harry Howard              DB                              Chicago Winds

88             Mark Kellar                  RB                              Chicago Winds

89             Willie Roberts              DB                              Chicago Winds

90             Rick Cassata                 QB                              Hawaiians

91             Clayton Heath              RB                               Hawaiians

92             Calvin Hill                    RB                               Hawaiians

93             Sonny Sixkiller             QB                               Hawaiians

94             Hal Stringert                 DB                               Hawaiians

95             Witt Beckman               WR                              Jacksonville Express

96             Ron Coppenbarger        DB                              Jacksonville Express

97             Alfred Haywood            RB                              Jacksonville Express

98             Dennis Hughes              TE                               Jacksonville Express

99             George Mira                   QB                             Jacksonville Express

100            Tommy Reamon             RB                             Jacksonville Express

101            Larry Csonka                  RB                             Memphis Southmen

102            Jim Kiick                        RB                              Memphis Southmen

103            Bob Lally                       LB                               Memphis Southmen

104            Willie Spencer                RB                              Memphis Southmen

105            Paul Warfield                 WR                              Memphis Southmen

106            Danny White                  QB                               Memphis Southmen

107            Steve Colavito                 LB                              Philadelphia Bell

108            Bob Cooper                      K                                Philadelphia Bell

109            Bob Davis                        QB                              Philadelphia Bell

110            Ben Hawkins                   WR                             Philadelphia Bell

111            Ron Holliday                   WR                             Philadelphia Bell

112              Ted Kwalick                   TE                                Philadelphia Bell

113              Bob Christiansen            TE                                Portland Thunder

114              John Evenson                  RB                               Portland Thunder

115              Rufus Ferguson               RB                               Portland Thunder

116              Don Horn                        QB                               Portland Thunder

117              Bob Wyatt                       RB                               Portland Thunder

118              Joe Wylie                        WR                              Portland Thunder

119              Billy Hobbs                     LB                               San Antonio Wings

120              Eddie Richardson            WR                              San Antonio Wings

121              Billy Sadler                     RB                               San Antonio Wings

122              J. V. Stokes                     DB                               San Antonio Wings

123              Johnnie Walton               QB                               San Antonio Wings

124              Joe Womack                    DB                               San Antonio Wings

125              Garland Boyette              LB                               Shreveport Steamer

126              Richmond Flowers           DB                              Shreveport Steamer

127              Edd Hargett                     QB                                Shreveport Steamer

128              Leon Jenkins                   DB                                Shreveport Steamer

129              Jim Nance                       RB                                Shreveport Steamer

130              Virgil Robinson              RB                                Shreveport Steamer

131              Chuck Bradley                TE                          Southern California Sun

132              Anthony Davis                RB                          Southern California Sun

133              Pat Haden                        QB                         Southern California Sun

134              Terry Lindsey                 WR                         Southern California Sun

135              Eric Patton                      LB                          Southern California Sun

136              Dave Roller                     DT                         Southern California Sun

137             1975 Passing Leaders

138             1975 Rushing Leaders

139             1975 Receiving Leaders

140             1975 Interception Leaders

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