SGC Now Certifying Autographs Under Name SGC Authentic

stallworthSGC has recently developed a new autograph authentication division (SGC Authentic). The division will be headed by Mike Root (Director of Authentication/Senior Authenticator). Mike has owned and operated sports collectibles stores for the past 20 years. Mike has spent that time buying and selling autographs, as well as attending countless sporting events and signings where he acquired thousands of in person autographs.

Mike was the former Director of Authentication and Lead Authenticator for a nationally recognized third party authentication service for the past three years. With a wide range of knowledge and a top notch team of consultants SGC is looking forward to authenticating autographs throughout the hobby.

SGC is currently offering authentication/encapsulation of standard autographs for $10 per item. The prices will vary for Premium signers or oversized items. Authentication of non encapsulated items will be available soon.

When using the SGC Authentic Services, all orders must be submitted on a separate SGC order form and to include separate shipping. SGC Authentic submissions will be processed separately from all other SGC orders and will have its own, independent turnaround time.

Additional pricing and product details will be available on by Feb. 4. Call (800) 742-9212 for further details.

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4 thoughts on “SGC Now Certifying Autographs Under Name SGC Authentic

  1. Dan J on said:

    What is the expectation with respect to the value of autographed items compared with those done by PSA?

    • Tom Bartsch on said:

      It should be on par. SGC is a known, quality entity. The market for third-party approved signatures from reputable sources is established in the market, meaning PSA, JSA, SGC should be quite similar in values.

      • Travis Roste on said:

        How is SGC “established” in autographs, when they have never done them before? Betty Crocker is an established name, but if they don’t do autographs, and then start, how is it “on par” with anybody? They are a card grading company, not autographs? Is there some magic powder that makes them reputable in autographs all of the sudden?

  2. Marie on said:

    What kind of credentials does your authenticator have. Certifications and documented experience. Is it comparable to Drew Max from Authentic Autographs Unlimited?
    Appreciate your reply. 

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